#wildlife hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#wildlife hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Last week much of the snow melted and Lovey the Moose has certainly appreciated it. Many ask if I will feed Lovey or her calf and the answer in no. Lovey’s calf will likely spend just two winters with its mother and the life lessons learned are most critical. To feed the calf would be like removing a child from school so they could stay home and relax. Survival is hard in the forest and moose must be constantly looking for food to sustain their massive body weight. Fortunately I’ve never seen the wilderness so green this far into winter, and it’s provided a huge advantage to Lovey and her baby’s survival. They both look extraordinarily strong and healthy.✨ As we approach the Christmas holiday here’s a happy picture of me with Lovey to convey our best wishes and thanks for your incredible support and kindness. From your messages I have found renewed inspiration and an end to the loneliness that sometimes touches those living on the edge of wilderness. I named this account after my beloved dog Shiloh, who I mourn to this day. The word “Shiloh” is derived from the biblical meaning of “Place of Peace”. It is my sincere hope that through your participation this continues to be a “place of peace”, where we can share as equals in our wonderful and miraculous world. From Alaska to you, thank you for your friendship, and may kind providence bring to you love and happiness always. With respect and affection, Dan✨Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! 🎄💫🌎


Quokka smiles 😍 @australianreptilepark you can see why these critters are much loved across the world 🌍!!!




Pileated Woodpecker male - a LIFER bird for me... probably the one I have been wanting to photograph forever... many many thanks to @chad_craddock to make this happen... when we arrived at the spot where he saw these guys last weekend as well, we were treated to a bird galore - 10 species in around 15 mins, including a couple of these guys. We noticed these guys were flying on to this tree pretty high up. I climbed to the back of Chad's truck so that I can get a green background instead of the sky and got this shot. I liked this particular one more, because of the way he twisted his neck to give me this look :) ___________________________________________ Sigma 150-600 C @ 600mm on Nikon D500 ISO 800 , 1/1250s, F8 ___________________________________________  @discovery #pileatedwoodpecker @BBCEarth #your_bird_capture @nuts_about_birds #your_best_birds @eye_spy_birds #woodpecker @jewels_of_nature @lake.o.the.pines.chamber #bird #bestbirdshots #best_birds_of_world #bird_brilliance #elite_worldwide_birds #birds_adored #bird_captures #ip_birds #birdsofinstagram #best_birds_of_instagram #kings_birds #birdfreaks #nuts_about_birds #bns_birds #birds_illife @your_best_birds #wildlife @birdsonearth @birds.nature @1birdshot @audubonsociety


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Still counting my blessing of the wild wolf close encounter. Look at those eyes. I’m going to do a free webinar training on wildlife photography exclusive to my Facebook group “award winning wildlife photographers” next week. If you are interested, go to the link in my profile or tinmanlee.com to download my free guide and the instruction to join the group is in it. See you at the webinar!