#sushantsinghrajput hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#sushantsinghrajput hashtag on Instagram | inst24


He steals my food😂😂😂😂😂 . . . ان شاء الله ماجبت العيد بالترجمة💔👀


: - i want to talk about Sushant a little. he’s such a talented boy though he hasn’t done big projects like others but his acting was always on point 👌, and yeah forgot to say how perfect this song is ❣️.


_Sara: Alia is the biggest female star in the country🔥 . . . . عليا بهات أثبتت نفسها بعمر صغير وصارت تنافس الممثلات الكبار ومافي حدا ماتكلم عنها وابدى اعجابو فيها🔥


Kareena Kapoor khan about Age👏💜 . . . . درر بنت كابور👸💜