#personaltrainer hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#personaltrainer hashtag on Instagram | inst24


What I eat in a day is LIVE on my YouTube channel! It is my first VLOG ever and I share the yummiest protein cookie dough recipe! Head to the link in my bio and please watch, like, and subscribe if you haven’t yet😍🙏🏼

✖️3 WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT TRACKING CALORIES✖️ . One of the biggest things I have learned while being a coach is that fitness is not ONE SIZE FITS ALL! . We are all so different and we all require different approaches towards reaching our goals. . I have most of my clients track their calories because it’s the most accurate way of making progress when you want to reach a specific goal BUT, for those of you who want a different approach, this post is for you! . If tracking your calories sounds tedious, intimidating, or you just don’t like the idea, here are 3 ways you can lose weight without tracking your calories! . PORTION CONTROL . First step I always suggest is paying attention to portion sizes! The nutrition label is the first place to check when looking at portion sizes. You’ll notice that your bowl of cereal in the morning is actually 3x the actual serving size which means you’re actually eating 3x the calories. Paying attention to portion sizes will allow you to manage your calories, be more mindful of how much you’re eating, and can aid in your weight loss efforts. . INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF) . I was hesitant to put this one in here because I don’t want you to think you can fast and then eat what ever you want. The idea behind IF is that you have a smaller eating window, as opposed to eating all day, that MAY naturally put you in a deficit of calories which in turn will allow you to drop weight. Now this approach is not for EVERYONE. I have seen people actually gain weight from IF because they’re starving by the time their window opens up and they actually end up overeating. Play around with this one and see how it goes for YOU. . 80/20 RULE . My personal favorite is the 80/20 rule— 80% of your diet comes from whole, nutrient dense foods, and the other 20% comes from treats! When you fill up your diet with nutrient dense foods like lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, you’re more likely to stay fuller longer which will keep you from mindlessly snacking and over consuming calories. . DID THESE TIPS HELP YOU?! WHICH ONE WILL YOU TRY? #fableticspartner #moveinfabletics #myfabletics


Tenha orgulho de si mesma, da sua história, das tempestades que você passou e das coisas que você conquistou. Tenha orgulho das suas mudanças, e de quem você está se tornando dia pós dia! ✨🦋 #personal #personaltrainer #foco #disciplina #motivação #treino #treinofuncional #funcionaltraining #gym #lifestyle #workout #academia #gratidão #gratitude #paz #sc #bc #professor #praiadorosa


“Feliz aquele que transfere o que sabe e aprende o que ensina.” - Cora Coralina - FELIZ DIA DO PROFESSOR! #sousett #personaltrainer #professor #training #lifestyle #gym #saudeebemestar #dedication #motivation #foco


Ubuntu. A beautiful word I learnt when I was in South Africa earlier this year. It means that we are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye. It means that there is a oneness to humanity. It means that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others and caring for those around us. When we have Ubuntu we are open and available to others, affirming of others and do not feel threatened by others for we have a proper self-assurance knowing we belong to a greater whole, and are therefore diminished when others are diminished, oppressed or humiliated. Ubuntu - living life for the betterment of others 💓


I’m SO FAST! Another Victim falls to me! @rmtshoots don’t ever disrespect me again! You never had a chance #JustTrain #SmokingHim #ByeBye


O tipo de motivação que eu preciso pra continuar na academia 💪🏼


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