#niveababyph hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#niveababyph hashtag on Instagram | inst24

My little girlie is enjoying naming the parts of the bear towel’s face in this generous package we received from @nivea_ph ! 💓 Excited to try these #NiveaBabyph products! Will share our experience soon! 😍😊


Nothing excites us more than opening a box full of goodies. Baby goodies! #niveababyph 😍 My girls were so excited & have been bugging me to open this gift as soon as it arrived. They were even more excited to use them. My youngest even gushed about how good the products smell! And I’ll keep sharing about how amazing their products are. Thank you again @nivea_ph & Ms. @christajasmin for sending these 💙 #niveababyph . . . Swipe right to see their full range of #niveababyph products 💙 . . . . . . . . . . . #mybeautifulmess #dailyparenting #ig_motherhood #honestparenting #letthembelittle #unitedinmotherhood #thatsdarling #teammotherly #livethelittlethings #mytinymoments #bestofmom #momdotme #motherhoodunpluged #lifedailymoms #candidmotherhood #momtog #fullheartmamas #motherhood #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodrising #seekmoments #seekthesimplicity #darlingmovement #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #makingmemories #momentslikethese #documentyourdays #thatsdarling #kindness

Cute setup by @nivea_ph here at Smart Parenting Baby Shower 😍💕 #SPBabyShower #NiveaBaby #NiveaBabyPH


Can I be serious for a minute? Every month, we have a certain budget for our grocery shopping and every time I pass by the Nivea baby products, I literally say in my head ‘one day, I’ll buy those.’ We could afford them, but I count food as superior value because we have 3 PIGLETS that love to eat 😂 so I’d just buy the most affordable baby products and spend our extra budget on food. But I’ve always loved #niveababyph for having NO paraben, NO alcohol, and NO colorants, being gentle enough even for the face, and if I’m honest, mostly because it smells so good 😍 Thank you Lord! Thank you @nivea_ph

This afternoon is full of learnings, much needed knowledge for moms. It also made me more excited to be a mom. 😍 Thanks @alesnabears for the photo as I won one of the raffle prizes! 😉 #SPBabyShower #NiveaBabyPH @smartparenting @nivea_ph


**SKL POST** . . As usual pag B1T1 ang @nivea_ph bumibili agad kami kasi nga mas nakakamura at so sakto din na need na bumili now dahil nagkaubusan na ng stock sa bahay (Deos & Lotions)😅 . . And while putting it sa storage box narealize ko ang Nivea products na nandun 😂. From mine to hubby's to baby's toiletries nainvade na talaga. Ako talaga may pasimula nyan single palang ako b1t1 lage kasi kuripot nga, buti nahawa si hubby at nasanay nadin especially Gabe's skin. 💖 Yes not all products nahiyang kami but atleast a lot of it became our skin's fave. 🙌 . . Infairness naman it's like QUALITY + AFFORDABILITY so why not diba 👌Highly recommended ✨ . . #niveaphilippines #niveababyph #Niveabekenemen #TipidTips


When you receive a beautifully packaged gift box that's bigger than your baby, what's your immediate reaction? Mine was "Oh wow!!!" followed by "I can't wait to open it!" then followed by "But it's so pretty, I don't want to open it!" Haha! It took a while, but eventually, @andromedaevesmith and I DID open this pretty gift set from @nivea_ph, and we were so elated with what was inside: a complete line of gentle and hypoallergenic baby products! 💙 Caring for Andi's delicate skin is a priority for me because I know that healthy skin = happier baby (and happier mommy too because I don't need to constantly worry!). I am able to protect her skin and keep it soft and healthy thanks to these products from Nivea Baby! 😊 (And I get to keep the cute box for myself and put my stuff in it. I know, right? That's such a mom thing to do! Heehee!) 😁 Thank you, Nivea Baby, FUSE, and @johnpaulgalicia for this lovely present! . . #NiveaBabyPh #NiveaBaby #AndromedaEveSmith #FluffySpacePrincessAdventure


Looks like someone is born to be a model! And to be one we need to be particular with the products we use for our skin starting from our early years! Thank you @NIVEAPhilippines for our first #BoxOfWonder #niveababyph


When I got home, I told Kara she can open a present. I asked her if she needed help and she said:"Just scissors mama please." I was wondering why she needed scissors and she was pointing at the double-knot which she couldn't undo. Anyway, she had the cutest expression as she opened the box from @nivea_ph . "Wow! This is for Kara!" She tried the baby oil (because we've never used one) and she was telling me it smelled so good. Usually, our aunt (a pedia-derma) would advise to do 2 things when it comes to skin care routine for babies and kids: Cleanse and Moisturize (to protect) and this is what we've been following ever since. So far, doing this daily greatly reduced Kara's eczema breakouts. @niveamen_ph is the brand of my husband's deodorant and lotion (which is quite effective as he doesn't stink after all those 50 to 100km runs and his skin doesn't dry up). Anyway, he was all smiles to find out that Nivea now has a line for baby skin care. He asked if he can also try the lotion. LOL. Very I'm tempted to try it too! #niveababyph #babyskincare #niveaph