#muscles hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#muscles hashtag on Instagram | inst24


2014 🇺🇸


Best thing about summer is wearing dresses 🤩


All that this picture is missing it’s a frozen mango margarita in my hand 🍹🥭 #dontforgetthetajin


Stockholms skärgård är verkligen balsam för själen. - - *Verkade som om mössan blev min nya grej ändå ;))

Czasem założę coś innego niż legginsy na trening ;) #reddress #redcarpet #highheels #blonde #instruktorfitness #dietetyk #muscles #polishgirl #fit


Love this post by one of the most beautiful humans I know, J 🦄💜! - It's easy to get caught in the mindset of expecting see your strength go up every time you go to the gym. - Because, when you first start out, your strength *will* go up nearly every time you go to the gym. - But the stronger you get, the harder it gets to gain strength. - In the same way you can't expect to lose weight every time you step on the scale, you can't expect to gain strength every time you go to the gym. - And in the same way losing scale weight isn't the only way to know you're losing fat (measurements go down, bf goes down, clothes fit better, you feel better, look better in the mirror, etc)...adding weight to the bar isn't the only way to know you're getting stronger (use better form with the same weight, do more reps with the same weight, feel stronger with the same weight, get less fatigued, etc). - All of that aside, I want you to remember one very important point. - You probably got "hooked" on lifting because you loved it. You loved how it made you feel. You loved how empowering it was. You loved the process of getting stronger. - Now, if you find yourself getting stressed out or worried or concerned or angry or demotivated because you aren't getting as strong as you'd like as quickly as you'd like....take a step back and re-evaluate. - Breathe. Smile. Relax. - You do this because you love it. So don't let it become another stressor. Enjoy the process. Take it all in stride. - Keep on going <3 - #strengthandconditioning #strength #strengthtraining #strengthtrain #strongman #strongwoman #powerlifting #powerlift #powerlifter #powerliftingwomen #weightlifting #weights #chickswholift #ladieswholift #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #bodybuilder #bodybuilder #bodybuildingcom #muscles