#mikeandeleven hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#mikeandeleven hashtag on Instagram | inst24


promise. ac m1levens for tagged <3 i forgot to add the voice overs so just ignore that #mileven #milevenedit


she needs him ✨🌧 dt ella, lucy, kayla, isabel, victoria & ana ♥ ac cypherous (soundcloud) just something to post ☹ #mileven #edit


Ever since that moment, El could not get her mind off of Mike. It was like the kiss opened her up to many more things about him; from the freckles that dotted his nose like an endless constellation of stars, to his dark pink lips that were reserved for a smile just for her, the warmth radiating from his dark brown eyes reminding her of hot chocolate on a cold day...Fuck, she was screwed. “El, earth to El?” Max waved a hand in front of the brunette’s face until she snapped out of her thoughts. “El, you’re drooling.” “H-Huh?” El’s cheeks darkened as she wiped the corner of her lip. Max laughed softly. “Either you have a craving for Eggo waffles or you have a crush on someone.” The redhead says. The two girls were having a sleepover, which El was happy for. There were days where she would want a girl’s opinion, or even a friend who was a girl in the first place instead of always hanging around boys, especially one of said boys she couldn’t get her mind off of. “Okay, so it’s between watching “The Karate Kid”, “The Breakfast Club”, or “Grease-“ “Mike and I kissed.” El blurts out suddenly, staring off into space. Max stops, looking at the brunette with a surprised expression on her face. “Wait, what? How, when!” The redhead lightly shook El’s shoulders, wanting answers. “You know how Mike is in the school musical?” Max nods. El’s eyes cast downwards. “Well, we were just going through lines, and his character had to kiss a girl. H-He asks if he wanted to practice that part so that he wouldn’t mess it up when the actual rehearsal happens, and I said ‘yes’, and then his lips were on mine and now I can’t stop thinking about him! It was almost as if he was meant to kiss me, and I think I liked it.” El hides her face in her hands, almost embarrassed. “WHAT?! Have you told him?” “N-No, we just forgot about it. I don’t want anything to be ruined between us, since we’ve been best friends since we were kids.” El sighs dejectedly. “As cliché as this is, I think what you should try and figure out is if you do like him as more than a friend.” Max explains. “Maybe...” needless to say, El had a lot to think about that night during the sleepover. (Hashtags in comments! )


Who knew the show “Arthur” would have such savage moments, like when D.W. downright tells Francine to leave the Read house 😂 Anywho, “Fight For Me” later tonight! Hashtags: #strangerthings #thedufferbrothers #milliebobbybrown #finnwolfhard #davidharbour #eleven #elevenstrangerthings #janehopper #janehopperstrangerthings #mikewheeler #mikewheelerstrangerthings #chiefjimhopper #chiefjimhopperstrangerthings #mileven #mikeandeleven #elevenandmike #otp #overprotectivehopper


[𝚊𝚞 𝚜𝚌𝚎𝚗𝚎] i went to school and hour earlier then it started...fun ★彡 — @milliebobbybrown @finnwolfhardofficial