#love hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#love hashtag on Instagram | inst24


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Thank you Father God for making me strong, firm, and steadfast. Please forgive me for always wanting an easy life. I admit that I don't want to suffer, and I don't like it when things go wrong. But I ask You to help me have a good attitude and to trust You to bring good out of it. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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나 김딸기 숭찌미누나집에 놀러가서 덕떠니랑 어제 하루종일 토할때까지 놀아따(진심토했음..) 아직까지 애송이 덕떠니라서 내가 하이바도 재껴찌 훗😎 언제 커질지 모르니까 긴장은 놓지말아야지 그리고 얘 텐션장난아니다 .. 날 토하게 만들엇어.. 너 덕떠니 완전 내수탈 곧또바🖤 #순심 #덕선 #딸기