#knittingillustration hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#knittingillustration hashtag on Instagram | inst24


🐊Knitting and laughing on plastic lawn chairs... that’s summer! 🐊 #100yarnbirdydrawings number 73

Finding time to enjoy the rhythmic patterns of making strokes on each strand of a skein in a long overdue illustration and weaving my roositud yarn between treasured stitches of my new sweater.


#100yarnbirdydrawings number 74 💚 My drawing and my knitting have been bringing me SO much joy recently. 💚


Did a little screen printing today to teach a friend who wanted to learn. So I decided to play with an illustration I did a few years ago inspired by my time learning to lace knit with the master Haapsalu lace knitters. It's perfect that I printed in blue since I plan to knit a Haapsalu lace shawl in the beautiful Elsa color @rohrspatzundwollmeise lace yarn gifted by the lovely @theaterkind for my birthday!


I have a skein of yarn in these glorious colors, and, for #100yarnbirdydrawings number 75, I decided to try to paint it. 🎨 I first sketched every single stitch in light pencil (it took hours), then used masking fluid on the spaces between (sooo tedious and hand-cramp inducing!) and then got about 2 minutes if joyful, free painting, just putting the colors here and there. 🎨 Worth it! I quite like the result.


When you’re an animal with a giant knitting needle naturally on your forehead, you find a friend and knit! 🐳 #100yarnbirdydrawings number 75 🐳 Looooove how my ink worked on this one (the narwhal bodies). I am definitely going to experiment more with it!


I swear I‘m still enjoying August in all its summery glory... and yet I drew someone knitting a blanket for a polar bear... 🤔 🐻 I really wanted to play around with my ink bottle, so I started this drawing with the woman, no plan yet of what she would be knitting. The vision of tucking in a sleeping polar bear came to me mid-drawing. 🐻 Pretty happy with the results 🐻 #100yarnbirdydrawings number 76.


Almost 4 months ago, I gave birth to my 3rd baby. 🧶 I’ve surprised myself by still doing a solid amount of drawing and knitting in this time. The battling forces of sleep deprivation and no time versus intense emotions that I have to express through art typically leave me creating one or two works per week. I’m going to try to share many of them in this space over the next few weeks. 🧶 Many of the artworks are deeply personal and directly related to motherhood, but I’ll start with a non-motherhood drawing, the last thing I drew before my son was born. It’s #100yarnbirdydrawings number 83, and I love how calming it is, reminding me to slow down and contemplate patterns and textures of wood and wool.


Oh man, have I been feeling overwhelmed recently! I stopped doing much drawing for a bit because my kids weren’t sleeping well and I needed to take anything non-essential off my plate, but I don’t know if it helped. It certainly felt so good to finally just sit down and knock a drawing out the other day, not caring too much about the outcome. Just pen to paper. This happened to be a paper my 2-year-old had watercolored on earlier, which makes for such a lively, spontaneous background. 🖌 This is #100yarnbirdydrawings number... I’m not sure. A stressed-out selfie, with yarn. 🖌