#keepgoing hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#keepgoing hashtag on Instagram | inst24


That’s thai teeaaa’s genuine smile captured by an amazing and priceless individual! ✨☺️💞 Do you guys ever have nights where you’re extremely emotional but in a good way? Tonight as I have some quiet time from a full week of creating, I can’t help but feel thankful for where I am in life 🥺💞 To have souls feel a presence when I walk into a room isn’t because of me but my identity in Christ! 💞 To be an inspiration for a young soul moves me to tears ✨🏆 I was looking back at the past 5 years of my life and said wow.... to blossom this much.. I would have never thought it was possible. I’ve always had a big heart and with that came many obstacles. Not being able to tell who was genuine from ones that had an ulterior motive. To be able to look at the loving souls I’ve surround myself with I can truthfully say y’all are a dream team 😭💞🏆 you know who you guys are! Moral of story.. your obstacles are setting you up for a beautiful journey! 🌺 The people you come across may be in your life for a reason or a season! Regardless of where you may be right now, I can promise you when you look back you’ll acknowledge those obstacles! They’ve molded you and prepared you! It’s breakthrough season and if that comes with strength, you know you’ll have to go through challenges to become your strongest! You’ve seen a touch of my breakthrough season with Clarity Waves but the two years before that.. I had to trust God to lead me. I had to give him my all and when I did my life began to excel in ways I can’t put into words! 😭🏆 You are going to blossom!! You are going to smile and laugh again! Most importantly you are going to walk the path you were created to walk in, in Jesus name! 💞😭 love having a platform where we can build each other up!! Trophy Season x Breakthrough Season 🏆 it’s GO TIME 🤩✨ 📸 : @calvinnewshotz #explorepage #explore #faith #motivationalquotes #keepgoing #keeppushing #breakthroughs #gotime #happiness

This week was a hard one- physically, mentally, emotionally, pretty tough. When I go through that type of stuff it makes me kind of close off, it takes every single piece of me to get out of bed, and makes me want to stop everything. I got to that place this week and while I was there I became so grateful for people in my life who are there to support me and tell me to get back up. It still gets hard- but having those people surrounding you is so important. Which brings me to another fact- there will always always ALWAYS be people who don’t believe in you. There will always be people who bring you down. There will always be people who don’t see what you’re doing/capable of. And that’s OKAY. Don’t let the opinion of someone distract you from your purpose. You were meant to move mountains. Do your best to close off to that and keep doing you. Look around- you’re not alone & there are people around you who love what you’re doing & need what you’re doing. Keep going for them. 💜 - 📸- @cherylrebeccaphotography


hiiiii 👋 here’s a quick update, since writing is one of my new favorite things.... so at the ripe age of 22, i moved to brooklyn NYC from massachusetts. i left behind everything i knew. my family, my closest friends, my past memories. i seemingly could not find a stable, full time job here wherever i tried. i went from minimum wage job to minimum wage job, barely scraping away money for rent. i asked myself everyday how i got to this point and how do i keep going. the past few months have been the most challenging ive had to go through so far in life. i witnessed multiple important people and things, just vanish from my everyday. that shock and sadness was something i’ve never felt before and was quite terrifying to me. i had to build myself from the ground up. i had to adjust to a living situation that i was not ready for in the slightest, due to being left to my own devices. at first, days were filled with fear, walking crowded city streets aimlessly, missing my past more than anything. sleeping on a mattress on the ground, hardly affording groceries, hardly being able to get out of bed. days were filled with memories of my recent past and childhood when things were seemingly much easier. sometimes things don’t work out as planned and you have to look deep inside yourself to find the courage to keep going, despite it all. you can’t let that sadness win. you can’t let that negativity overcome you. that’s not a healthy way to live at all. it will eat at you. trust me. today i now have a full time, salary job at a non profit organization, catered towards helping people with mental/developmental disabilities. a rewarding position that i never thought i would attain due to what the world has given me so far, and how important people in my life have treated me. i’ve made it past my darkest point but there’s still work to be done like anything else. everything is a work in progress. i’ve come to terms with that and am molding a future for myself now. ive made a solid group of friends here that i’m super grateful for. my future will be fulfilling im sure, but for right now, i’m just taking things day by day.


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