#healthy hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#healthy hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Happy Tuesday! Toasting to the day with two sweet options: 🍓 + 🍌 Which one is your favorite? Toasts: 1. Sourdough toast topped with chocolate hazelnut almond butter, strawberries + hemp seeds 2. Sourdough toast topped with maple caramel almond butter, banana + granola Hope you’re having the best day and happy Tuesday! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #toastlikemike


So excited to try some of the new products from @VeritasFarmOfficial! 🌿💕 #ad My work as an orthodontist requires frequent and repeated use of hand hygiene products, exposure to chemicals and glove use. My hands are often dry with irritated areas. 😞 Recently, I have been applying the full spectrum #VeritasFarms CBD lotion every morning and evening. And achieving smoother and softer skin has never been easier! 💥 The lotion has whole-plant hemp extract and ultra-moisturizing shea butter, as well as organic jojoba-seed oil, grapeseed oil, and aloe! ✨ Try it yourself and let me know what your think 💜 #VeritasLife Use promo code BUBBLY for 15% off all Veritas products ⭐🤗


The perfect lunch! While cleaning my pantry last week I had to come to terms with the fact I’m a chickpea hoarder. I found I had over 10 cans of chickpeas 🙈 - SO this week I’m trying to use them up to make more room...for more cans of chickpeas 😂 I cooked up some chickpeas in the @mayakaimalfoods Kashmiri Curry simmer sauce served over some spinach with brown rice! A few lemon wedges on the side because I love adding a little lemon juice to the rice & chickpeas. This meal came together in under 10 minutes (rice was microwaveable) and it was perfect as I was starving!!! Hope you’re all having an amazing day!

👉 Anche voi ? In questo periodo ne mangio davvero a quintali ! Non ci sono limiti 😂🤤 . Ah, il doppio click è per lasciare un like, nessun inganno, dico per i criticoni ☺️ * * * * * * * #healthy #alimentazione #fit #dieta #dietasana #mangiaresano #frutta #anguria #dolce #colazione #sano #dolci #nutrizionista #corpo #healthy  #salute #perderepeso #cibosano #palestra #alimentazionesana #estate #palestra #fisico #mangiarebene #fitness #cibo #addominali #dimagrire #merenda #nutrizione


Danke #airbeatone für unzählige Gänsehaut Momente und eine Musik die uns alle Verbindet. ❤️ . . . #fitfamde #festival #beautiful #happy #sunset #trip #love #healthy #dance #music #song #fun #fashion #pretty #fitfamgermany #krafttraining #sport


Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world. #MotivationalPage


Countdown ✨

Uhmmm HOW CUTE 🐷😍 . 📸: @woodstocksanctuary


MAKE MISTAKES. FAIL. BE SAD. GET ANGRY. FEEL LIKE A BAG OF SHIT. CRY YOUR EYES OUT. MAKE MORE MISTAKES. DO THINGS THAT COULD GO HORRIBLY WRONG. FALL ASLEEP ON YOUR BACKPACK 🎒 You want to know why I’m saying all of this? Because we’re fucking human beings and we f*ck up. A LOT and we always have and we always will. The problem we have now is that we’re constantly being shown how we all live and how amazing everything is, how picture perfect it all is and so when we make mistakes, don’t have perfect relationships, get things wrong, have no clue what to do in life (the list goes on), we feel as if there is something wrong with us. NO GLEN COCO, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, if you’re cocking shit up, feeling emotions and wondering why your life isn’t perfect then you my friends are living what we call LIFE. Those shitty emotions put us in some tough places but those places tend to create some of the best moments. You should never strive for a perfect life, you should never strive to always be happy - live your life, accept those moments and see what you can do with them. I hope these aren’t pointless words from another person on the gram - I just had to share my thoughts 💭 #SamSays