#handwoven hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#handwoven hashtag on Instagram | inst24


My new obsession of the moment: #deflecteddoubleweave! I'm afraid you'll see a lot the next week's...I'm simply in love! Tried out this week-end a new pattern and played around a lot with set. The different coloureffect on front and back is amazing! And I'm especially fascinated by the change the wet finishing produces. The little collage (6 photo) shows the sampler before and after washing! (Photos 1-5 before washing, 7-10 after washing). Used "Zéphir" wool from #fonty and fulled the sampler slightly. Worked quiet nicely with this wool. #weben #weavings #iloveweaving #weavingmakesmehappy #weaving #weavingloom #loomweaving #loom #webenmachtglücklich #tissage #tisser #tissagecontemporain #handweaving #handwoven

✨ GIVEAWAY ✨ ⁣⁣ These earrings are named Tulukaruk (Raven in the Yugtun language) and they represent significant change and transformation. The Raven is very important to many Alaska Native cultures and is often depicted as a transforming entity. I wanted to make a pair of earrings that would show the transformation that has taken place within myself over the past year. My journey has been made possible by the support that I have found on this platform. Cloudberry was started last September and I would have never imagined that I would be at 2,000 followers in a year. I want to sincerely thank all of you for supporting this journey of reconnection. _ The Tulukaruk earrings are made with Miyuki Delica Beads, Abalone shell, and are handwoven bead for bead. The hooks are niobium hooks, which are hypoallergenic. _ Rules of the Giveaway: ⁣ _ 1. Must be following @ak.cloudberry ⁣ 2. Like this photo, comment 🖤 or “Raven” in your language 3. Tag 3 friend _ Bonus: Share this post in your story and tag @ak.cloudberry (if your account is private, please send me a screenshot) ⁣ ⁣⁣_ Quyana / Quyanaq / Enaa baasee’ / Gunalchéesh for all of your support and love this past year. Goodluck 🖤 Winner will be chosen on October 22nd. _ (Shoutout to @harvestmoon.designs for helping me with formatting & font on this image) . . . . #cloudberry #akcloudberry #akcloudberry2kgiveaway #nativebeadwork #indigenousartist #handmadejewelry #handwoven #giveaway #alaskanart


Today is Mental Health Awareness Day and it’s so encouraging to see so many of you sharing your stories in order to break the stigma of living with and healing from mental illness. I have so much more to say but I don’t plan on going anywhere for a long, long time. 🙏 I hate to post and run but I’m on an FO roll! No time for clever captions. I thought I’d just pull out one of the happiest bags I’ve ever made. Remember this one? It’s also a not so subtle representation of how I deal with the blues - through color and through craft. 🌞✂️ It’s @hedgehogfibres #foolsgold (and #typewriter and... 🤔) . Don’t forget to enter my mini handy bag giveaway! Go back a day’s post for details. 👛💙 . #marybuttons #handwoven #handdyed #yarnporn #yarnspiration #knittersofinstagram #yarnaddict #mentalhealthawareness #craft #craftastherapy #hedgehogfibres #creativelifehappylife #projectbag #createeveryday #pursuepretty #abmcrafty #cyclcollective #supporthandmade #craftsposure #wemakecollective #makersmovement #makersvillage


Obsessed with this weaving, “Bright Side”. This was my first attempt at creating a circle and have to say, nailed it! How glorious does my New Life Handspun Yarn look in woven circle form. Loving it so much. I am slowly easing back in to selling my art again. I’ve taken on a few commissions on recently and I’m feeling really good about it again! If you’d like to make this weaving yours, don’t be shy! Shoot me a message and we can make it happen ❤️ #handwoven #theunusualpear #weaveweird #weaverfever #fibreart #weavingaustralia #wovenwallhanging #wovenartwork #wallart #artwork


“Encircle” (2019) wool and linen on linen warp •
Fun fact: 99% the weaving I’ve been doing for the past two months has been for my online course! Over the next 5 weeks my students will be warping their looms and starting to weave through the syllabus I’ve put together- and I can’t wait • In the meantime, I’ve had a lot of very sweet messages from people who a) missed their chance to sign up to the course this time around and b) didn’t even know I was doing an online course in the first place… Which has made me think I probably need to open enrolment for a bit longer than just one month. SO all that to say- my online course will starting again in January, but you can enrol NOW via the link in my profile


Sunny days in here are a dreaaam🌞