#fitness hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#fitness hashtag on Instagram | inst24

LUNCH RUN 🕊 . Saintexpress sans prépa J-8 . En vrai c’est pas si gracieux quand je cours c’est vraiment pour la photo : bah ouais déso je suis influenceusanh je vais pas non plus mettre des photos moches hein 😅 Brrref 5 petits kilomètres en négative split pour le dej, histoire de 🤷🏻‍♀️ En fait il faisait pas si froid, j’étais un peu trop couverte, BAH OUAIS MAIS CEST DUR DE S’HABILLER AUSSI ÇA CHANGE TOUT LE TEMPS. Voilà voilà, je vous souhaite un délicieux week-end ! 🍻 . . #IMoveMe #Asics #AsicsFrontRunner #AsicsFrontRunnerFrance . #run #running #runninggirl #igrun #runneuses #training #courseapied #moveyour🍑 #intersportunning #createyourmove✨ #activre #fitness #run4fun #garmin #runinlille #marathon #collectiflille #saintelyon #saintexpress #trail @asicseurope @asicsfrontrunner


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🤟🏽😊Fresh Friday. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ [Anzeige*]Freitag - Weekend. Und heute mal einfach relaxen...oder ... 🤔So spontan wie ich bin 😁Der Wettkampf liegt mir noch in den Knochen ehrlich gesagt, aber das hält mich nicht auf. Startet alle schön ins Weekend. 🖤 PS: Outfit by @beyondlimitscom Code „Luke10“ 10% off. #allblack #blackwear #beyondlimits #beyond #esn #escom #esnsupplementscom #gymfashion #streetwear #mensgashionpost #tattooinspiration #tattoosleeve #tattooofinstagram #blackwhite #mensfashion #fitness #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #mensphysique #body #nevergiveup #neverlookback #workout


That good old self-esteem... Generally, people with an eating disorder suffer from a low-self esteem, they are subconsciously looking for acceptance. This low self-esteem leads to obsessive and destructive behaviours, especially related to food and exercise. I’ve always had a very low self-esteem, however, I feel like the following points have helped me to boost my self-esteem a little bit the past few years: 1) Stop comparing yourself to others! Comparising myself to others made me feel worthless and bad. Not comparising yourself to others makes you realise you don’t have to compete against others in order to be valuable ❤️ 2) Learn to say “no”! I always used to say yes to everything people asked me to do and never put my own needs into account. If you start saying more “no” it might confuse others at the beginning, but you’ll be able to see what YOU really need and what priorities you have. 3) Try compliment yourself. Sounds absolutely stupid but the more positive you think about yourself, the more you’ll value yourself with time. 4) Forgive yourself and focus on what you have achieved! I used to dwell so much in the past and if I made mistakes (in whatever situation) I would beat myself up over it for months! Making mistakes is human and we learn by making mistakes! So forget them and focus on what you’ve learned or achieved!✨ 5) Surround yourself with positivity. You don’t need people who don’t appreciate you or always bring you down, also you don’t need friends who talk behind your back about you. Just leave them and be with people who see the best in you and support you and are honest. I think this is so important, having great people around you makes you feel so much better about yourself! 6) RESPECT YOURSELF. You’re a valuable person, be who you are and respect yourself and your body. Building up self-esteem isn’t easy and takes years! As I said, these are some things that have helped me to boost my self-esteem a little but I still have a long way to go, too. But I’m sure one day I’ll get there🌝

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Why did I get a stress fracture? Here’s why... . I haven’t had an injury in 5 years. I’ve managed to stay strong and healthy and have two babies during that time and continue to run. So why now? . When I found out 5 days before the @chimarathon that I had a stress fracture, 1 year and 2 months post-baby #2, I was... well, words can’t describe those emotions. I had worked SO hard to get there. Sacrificed so much. I pushed myself hard and there was blood, sweat, tears, countless ice baths, compression, foam rolling, etc. I strength trained and ate healthy. My training was incredibly conservative. I peaked at only 43 miles when I used to run 70 mile weeks. So why did I get a stress fracture now? . Well, the results are in and thanks to @insidetracker and help from 2 dietitians, I was able to discover that I was in an extreme daily calorie deficit and at risk in 6 different bio markers including Vitamin D, Iron, and Magnesium . Towards the end of training I transitioned to fully plant based with the occasional burger or pizza. I was super healthy and ate whole foods. I was eating till I was full and satisfied and I wasn’t restricting. But I refused to plug my daily food into MyFitnessPal because that’s a trigger for me and my past eating disorder. What I didn’t realize is that I was eating only enough for normal brain function, let alone my active lifestyle and certainly not enough for marathon training. It INFURIATES me because it was so unintentional and I knew better but truly thought I was doing everything right In the last month of training, I lost another 6 or so pounds and really leaned out. People noticed. I told myself it was because I was training hard (shouldn’t happen like that during marathon training) and it was the last of the baby weight. At that point I weighed about 10 pounds less that my pre-pregnancy weight . What I wanted from all of this was to learn (and you learn from my mistakes), to make changes, (continued below in comments 👇)