#fit hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#fit hashtag on Instagram | inst24


🎵”Só você pra dar a minha vida A direção O tom A cor... Estrela no deserto a me guiar Farol no mar da incerteza...” . Desejo pra cada um de vocês essa semana um sinal de Deus em sua vida que mesmo em meio ao caos, te faça manter a razão, a sanidade, a serenidade e a esperança. Que Deus nos abençoe!🙏🏻 Se vc pode, fica em casa! . . #meufilhominhavida #fé #espalheamor #esperança #coronavirus #pandemia #prevenção #gഠഠgle #fiqueemcasa


Não tem foto nova, então #tbt de quando eu saía rsrs #coronavirus 😜 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #boanoite #madrugada #saopaulo #coronavirus #fit #fitness #girl #bomdia #instagram #a #instagramers #redetv #tinanareal #tinaxaver #blond #platinada #santoandre #coach #coaching

CHNAGE OF #PERSPECTIVE ✨ I know it’s easy to focus on all the things that are going “wrong” right now but when we spend too much energy on negative + lack mindset thoughts and feelings we actually lower our vibrational energy 😵 and that is simply just not beneficial to us, individually or collectively. A simple shift in the way you perceive things can make all the difference in your mood and energy. We may not be able to change the current situation of our world but we can change how we are responding to it all. For example: ✨ I have to stay home 👉🏼 I HAVE a home that I get to spend time in. ✨ I can’t see my friends 👉🏼 I’m so grateful I have been given this time to self-reflect, rest and expand. ✨ My plans have been canceled 👉🏼 everything happens in divine timing, when the timing is right things will unfold! ✨ Working from home sucks and is hard 👉🏼 I am so grateful that I have a job that I can do from home! ✨ I’m bored 👉🏼 I am so grateful for this time I’m being given to rest guilt-free and explore new hobbies! ✨ I’m so sick of being stuck inside 👉🏼 I’m so grateful I am healthy, well and alive. The list goes on bb... Before I sign off for the evening I do want to say that it is more than ok to feel sad, angry, confused, bummed, anxious etc. you are fully entitled to feel however you are feeling!! Feel all the damn feels bb! Heck, I’ve been all over the map wit my emotions!! BUT, I do want to encourage you to do your best not to linger there for too long. Acknowledge the heaviness, feel it and then do your best to make a new choice. This time is whatever you choose to make it, and if you’re healthy and safe in your own home you have much to be grateful for 🙏🏼 sending you all my love today and always - and know that we are in this together! I’m sharing this just as much for you as I am me! Staying positive through challenging times is a process, but choosing to stay rooted in gratitude is powerful 💗✨ #namastshay


Sensação de felicidade pós endorfina💦. . Vocês sabem qual ação desse neuro-hormônio no nosso corpo?! Essa substância é produzida em nossos cérebros durante e após uma atividade física. . Ele regula a emoção e a percepção de dor, ajudando a relaxar, gerando sensações de bem-estar e prazer. . Por esse motivo, mesmo não estando com vontade de treinar, devem ir, pois assim que começarem a se exercitar vocês se sentirão bem, dispostas e felizes🥰. . Bora endorfinar os corpinhos?!💪🏻


Have you ever thought about how much our bodies have been through? ⠀ For me, it’s a broken elbow, multiple ankle sprains, scars from wrestling with my brothers, 4 years of college soccer, marathon training, no carb diets, “detox” diets, sickness, beach days with no sunscreen, iron deficiency, etc. ⠀ Your list may be shorter or it may be longer ⠀ But I know we are all guilty of looking in the mirror and finding something we wish we could change ⠀ DESPITE EVERYTHING WE PUT OUR BODY THROUGH, we continue to pick out every imperfection ⠀ Why not just love the body we’ve been blessed with? Why not see our imperfections as what makes us unique? ⠀ If you can change them, great! Work on them but realize they didn’t happen overnight and they won’t change overnight ⠀ If you can’t change them, great! Realize that your talent and abilities aren’t limited because of what you call “imperfect” and someone may think that is the most beautiful part of you ⠀ Whether you can change your “imperfections” or not, know that they do not define you ⠀ Every body has a different story Every body is beautiful💓 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #fitandboujee #iam1stphorm #inspireothers #bodypositive #strongwomen #mentalhealth

Tá tendo homemade ceviche por aqui! De tangerina com salmão 🧡 É fácil de fazer e essa receita já passou por aqui, hein? Pra acompanhar teve chips de batata baroa, Garytos, torrada... tá bom ou não tá?

If I was ugly or stupid, u wouldn’t talk about me 🐝 . . #me #beauty #golddress #makeup #ponytail #tattoo #fit #bomb #stayhome #staysafe #londonbaby #romaniangirl