#fiberart hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#fiberart hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Slowly but surely, a few rows a day, this one is growing into something I didn’t plan but love 😊 reminds me of the cliffs in south Portugal we’ve seen this spring, but maybe it’ll end up upside down, like on this photo and will be something completely else. I don’t know yet! . All these woolen yarns we’re plant dyed by me. Blues are of course made with indigo and woad, browns and tans come from birch leaves, walnuts, oak leaves and avocados. The loom is a German production frame loom with a rotating heddle bar, which helps to put the alternating threads up and down and speeds up the process. (If you’d like a loom like that too, I stock them in my online shop in 3 sizes.) I could also use bobbins or shuttles to weave with but for this one I want to work with my fingers as much as I can so I either weave with a tapestry needle or with my bare fingers only. And I don’t mind it takes forever!


Hello back darlings ☀️💥 summer heat hit my head and borrowed my inspiration. 👀 I just want to chill and stitch under a big tree so i'll let you lead me in my next few creations. 🌳💭 I'm opening 5 listings for custom embroidered sweatshirts with your favorite animal. Approximately 5'' size animal on a hoodie or sweatshirt of your choice. Swipe left for some of the animals I've embroidered by now 🐰🐯🦄 Follow the link on my profile for more details on how to adopt a custom order from me 🐒💎 i hope you're enjoying your summer 🌴🌞


Embroidered version of the pomegranate girl ❤️


Orange and pink. I’m so drawn to these colors right now! A splash of blue really makes it all pop, too! #orangeandpinkforever #embroidery #threadypulse #makersgonnamake #nicegirlsneedleclub #broderie #modernhandembroidery #fiberart #floralembroidery


I’m so excited I can FINALLY share this giant custom beauty! My sweetest friend and love @umokayjenna is going to be teaching yoga at @cmaskeroni’s brand new studio, @alulacollectivealula and wanted to gift her a special piece in honor of its grand opening! The name “Alula” holds a lot of meaning for Christy and she chose it for several reasons. But the main reason and the inspiration for this piece is because “alula” by definition is: the specialized structure of the upper leading edge of a bird’s wing that consists of a tuft of short, stiff feathers attached to the moveable first wing digit corresponding to the thumb that facilitates flight, landing, and maneuverability at slow speeds. How cool is that?! So naturally, Jenna and I couldn’t think of a better way to reflect that in a wall hanging than by making it entirely out of macrame feathers! This was my first time making macrame feathers, and while this finished design wasn’t exactly the original plan, Jenna and I both couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. (And she said Christy was completely in love with it as well!) I have to say, this might be one of my most favorite custom creations I’ve ever done, and I feel so grateful and honored to have had this opportunity to make something so special and meaningful for Christy. 💓🕊


Stage two still lots of layers to go 😉😀#creativesewing #freemotionembroidery #create #fiberart #stitching #textileart #textileartist