#dceats hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#dceats hashtag on Instagram | inst24


from the regular menu: polpettine al forno. (photo credit FareJudgement, thanks!) #lovefromtheoven #meatballs #polpettine #polpettinealforno #morethanpizza #dcfood #dceats #dcdining #dcfoodies #2amys


Perfect for 🌧 ☁️ but tbh, any day really // Pho Lao Som (sour chicken broth, lime, fish sauce, tomato, garlic, chili oil, peanut, dried shrimp, celery, preserve cabbage, rice noodles, chicken) at Sen Khao at @tasteofurbanspace in Tyson’s Galleria, Tysons, VA . . Rating: 9 out of Chen


Doughn’t you want me, baby? 😘 #federalfoodies


Kicking off the weekend on a sweet note, with our organic, delish chocolate milkshake!


Melting your heart, one "Mon Amie" burger at a time. Filled with brie, apricot jam, and caramelized onion. Yup.




Do you like tartare? Any type like beef tartare, tuna tartare, steak tartare, salmon tartare etc. I know a lot of people can't stand raw foods, but I loveeeee tartare and how fresh all the ingredients; you get to enjoy the original taste of everything!👌 🤤 This hamachi tartare I had - the fish was sooooo fresh and tender, the calamansi-dashi vinaigrette adds a nice layer of citrusy tone to it, plus some sushi rice which made it like poke. High quality tartare for sure!😋 . . . . . #tartare #sashimis #sashimilover #rawfooddiet #rawfoodchef #rawingredients #rawfish #rawfish #foodonpoint #tunatartare #fishlover #fancyfood #weekenders #feastagram #instafeast #feastday #freshingredients #freshfoodz #healthyfoodchoices #pokebowl #pokelove #foodadventure #foodieadventures #foodie_munchies #foodiefeature #dceats #dceatss #dcfoodie #dcfood #cookin_n_eatin


💮🍦💮 Sometimes I feel bad for being slow to share the best foods I've had in the area. So here we are! - 🌿🐄 MATCHA + MILK | (pictured) most recently rotated seasonal flavor 🌸🌸 CHERRY BLOSSOM | (not pictured) current seasonal flavor - made w/ REAL CHERRY BLOSSOMS‼️ - Matcha & Milk is my favorite combo here so far (I prefer some seasonal flavors on their own to taste them in their purest form). They don't skimp on the matcha and their milk flavor is incredibly refreshing and reflective of the Asian diaspora's flavor norms and preferences. Just as vanilla is a staple in the US, milk is just as common there. THIS IS NOT VANILLA but people often perceive it as such since taste is heavily affected by sight and past experiences. {{🕵️ See if you can taste the difference! 👀}} - NOTE: They only have one seasonal flavor at a time. They rotate them every so often (with milk from their last sprint being a staple). But don't fret! Just bookmark this for later and go enjoy their 🌸RARE, ONE-OF-A-KIND, REAL CHERRY BLOSSOM flavor🌸 They are 1 of 2 places I know that use them 👏👏 #flowersnotfruit


Ebi Hotate • We tried many things from @zeppelindc but their scallop wrapped in shrimp was INSANELY good! 🤤🍢🍤