#cylcollective hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#cylcollective hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Sometimes I get so far into trying new things that I have to put old work and new work side by side to see the thread that connects them (pun intended 😂). PS: these hoops both happen to still be in the shop. PPS: if anyone is interested in purchasing both I can give you a discount. Just DM me. . . . . . . #fiberart #fiberartistsofinstagram #olanderco #modernembroidery #modernembroiderymovement #dmcthread #embroideryart #embroideryhoops #hoopersofinstagram #hoopart #handmadeparade #apartmenttherapy #abmlifeiscolorful #dstexture #cylcollective #landscapeembroidery #embroideredlandscape #nature_perfection #broderie #threadpainting #threadlove #contemporary_art #contemporaryembroidery #psimadethis #thatsdarling

The houseplants on my work table are really starting to cramp my style. 😆 Just finished up a bunch of new clay bits to expand the scale and palette of my wall installation @earthandsugar.


Not supposed to pick favorites, but the way golden hour spills into this room is something special.⁠ ⁠ #westandwildyucca 📷 by @juliepointeradams⁠ 𐄙⁠ 𐄙⁠ 𐄙⁠ 𐄙⁠ 𐄙 ⁠ #designarchives #apartmenttherapy #ardentfinds #cylcollective #dailydecordetail #homewithrue #inmydomaine #interiormilk #lonnyliving #mycovetedhome #stellarspaces #theeverygirlathome #vogueliving #kinfolklife #myhousebeautiful #rshome #darlinghome #postitfortheaesthetic #uohome

One of my favorites pieces ever!! Serious arm work out holding this baby up, boy it was heavy!! 💪 Drop me a message if you want a custom tapestry like this of your own, these large pieces are a dream to create 👌

I impulsively applied to @theroyalbison so now while I wait for the results, I’m stress stitching some casual feminist hoopart. #modernembroidery #embroidery #hoopart #handmade #etsy #prochoice #feminist #womensrights #cylcollective #craftsposure #reproductivejustice #reproductiverights #mybodymychoice #dmcthreads #dmcembroidery #psimadethis


Hi, Shie Sison of @sisondesigns here! Today, I want to share with you all a fun way of creating & painting scroll banner designs (with a bonus of floral & leaf elements!). I usually work on various art styles depending on the project / client requirement and for this particular prompt, I’m excited to show you my way of doing the wet-on-wet technique along with a dash of wet-on-dry for the details. Scroll through the video and there’s a brief step by step process which I included for you all to see! A little something about me...I am a professional Interior Designer turned full-time creative entrepreneur, designer & illustrator since 2016. I have worked with various clients both locally & internationally and have created a vast portfolio of designs. I also do calligraphy for some well known brands here in Doha, Qatar while managing the artsy side of my whole creative journey. As a busy wife & mom, I am grateful to be able to manage family time with my work schedule, thanks to the support of my husband & daughter throughout the whole process. A li’l fun fact though... I’ve been a pool hustler (billiards) since the age of 4! My family & I used to have a medium-sized pool table in our old house. I’ve also been into softball, volleyball & swimming which creates my sporty arena outside my paints & brushes. Before I let you go, let me share with you one important art tip that I always, always carry with me... Never stop exploring! Whatever you have started, always research on ways you can better yourself - your techniques, your materials and your general perspective of your art journey. Who knows, you might wake up one day and find yourself inspiring others while realizing you were also inspired before from artists/designers you’ve looked up to since then as they are now to you- what could be more rewarding & humbling than that right? I hope y’all have a great day! Cheers! xoxo .... Join in the fun! Use the tags: 🏷: #surelysimple #surelysimpleart ✍️ tag me @surelysimpleblog @surelysimplechallenge @surelysimplewords so i can see your posts!


Hope your week is looking up. 😆


‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?’ ⠀ THIS POEM by Marianne Williamson has so much power. I heard it on Sunday and it spoke right to my soul. ⠀ BE.⠀ THE.⠀ LIGHT.⠀ You are powerful beyond measure. ⠀ Some time ago, years actually, I lost my confidence. I don’t know where it went. But every where I turn these days, I keep seeing and hearing messages empowering me to BE ME. Who are you not to be, but all that you were created for?! ⠀ ⠀ The studio has been a flurry of BUSY. We are prepping for our biggest show of the year, #indiecraftparade. We had a photoshoot with @emilykbarbee (magical shot shown here), and new goodies are over-flowing in my studio. There WILL be a shop update in September. I’m still deciding on when, but these Golden Bow Earrings will definitely be available. I hope they remind you to be the very LIGHT that you are. ✨