#crushitzone hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#crushitzone hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Seguindo a semana na concentração e focando no pouquinho de cada dia para um resultado melhor! Bora gente que assim a gente consegue! . . . #Corraparaavida #corre_marcia #ironmaidenrunners #fortalecimentomuscular #treinarecorrer #paquitasquecorrem #caminho100volta #nopainnogain #crushitzone #euatleta #paracorrer


Chicago, what a day! — My plan was to go out and get to the halfway point at 1:23 to give myself a chance at 2:45. If I didn’t have it, I could adjust and try and get sub 2:48. — At 15 the left hamstring started to whine. By 18 it was really not happy. I knew that the goal had to get adjusted. Still thought I could get sub 2:50 but it wasn’t in the cards. WHO CARES! — I felt really good out there. My fitness was there. My mental game was probably my strongest ever, if not, it rivals charlevoix. Everything went so good and I couldn’t be happier — 2:50:41 3:51 PR BQ And room for more 😈💪🙌


Roughly 66 miles left in training plan. Only thirty miles next week. Haven’t had a week of 30 or less since week one of training in July. Gonna be weird....


Pra começar a semana: foco, determinação e paciência. Não é fácil, mas tá entregue! Bora gente! . . . #Corraparaavida #corre_marcia #ironmaidenrunners #fortalecimentomuscular #treinarecorrer #paquitasquecorrem #caminho100volta #nopainnogain #crushitzone #euatleta #paracorrer


Me: I flew up that last hill. It felt great to have a change in terrain! Marathon Photo: Your name is liar and you are telling lies 🤣 — I honestly didn’t mind that last hill at all. I was just pushing to get to the end and I don’t know that I’ve run so hard at the finish of a marathon before. — It’s no Boston pic, but this is the best I got from Sunday. I made this face a lot as the pain was shooting in and out from early in the race. But I didn’t come this far to only come this far. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know I was limited on Sunday and still came away with a 4 min PR 🤗


The pics are in.... I’ve only got a few “Boston-esque” pics this time, because fortunately we had great weather and I wasn’t a sweaty mess. — Chicago was my 11th marathon and each time, I learn something new. Part of my determination as the cycle wore on, was to prove something. I wanted to prove you can have a cycle where you may not be seeing the results you want, but if you’re still putting in the work, race day can still be a good day. — Chicago turned out to be a microcosm of my training. It hurt. There were twinges of pain and discomfort far too early. I had moments where I felt I overcame, only for it to get hard again. But through it all, I persevered. I kept my goals insight. I took what I was dealt and I did the most I could with it. — We all love Des’s quote to “keep showing up”. I can’t tell you the amount of times I thought back to how hard training was. When I wanted to quit, when I wanted to give up, I thought about how all those battles to keep showing up the last few months would be wasted. And that wasn’t happening. — That’s why I kept showing up. That’s why Sunday was worth every second 💪☺️


Excuse my language but holy shit! I JUST DID THAT! 👊🏼 After being sick all week, I was a little nervous. But I CRUSHED those 20 miles. 🔥 These types of runs are what fuel me to make me work harder, I love it! ❤️ • • • • • #longrunsaturday #richmondready #runrva #runrichmond #mttsangria #garminambassador #mmalpha #marathontraining #fitsporation #sweatycrew #sweatybands #longrundone #longrun #marathoner #teamzensah #liveloverun #oisellevolée #beatyesterday #crushitzone #vivoactive4


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