#celestialart hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#celestialart hashtag on Instagram | inst24


〰️〰️〰️ a reminder that my etsy shop is closed for the next three weeks as I’m going away on holiday ✦


⋒ heart chakra ⋒ new moon. nature. air. awakening through love. [chakra series 4/7] —— if you would like to get this artwork or any other artworks of mine tattooed, I have tattoo passes available on my etsy shop (linked in bio)! half the money I receive from passes is donated to a different charity each month ✶


“You have stardust in your veins. We are literally, ultimately children of the stars” (Jocelyn Bell Burnell).


all we have is our next choice... which will lead us to our next and our next. our life unfolds according to our series of choices, including every little choice of courage, or ignorance, acceptance, or resistance. let us strive to walk the highest path and make each choice the way our highest self would. but one step at a time, for in each moment, all we have is the next step.


❝ if you decide that you’re going to be happy from now on for the rest of your life, you will not only be happy, you will become enlightened. unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is. it is a truly spiritual path, and it is as direct and sure a path to awakening as could possibly exist. ❞ — from my favourite chapter of one of my favourite books, the untethered soul. feel free to share a favourite book of yours below, I would love to discover something new! wishing you all a happy day/night ✨ remember to slow down, smile at the little things and take time to smell the flowers... — p.s. this original drawing is available [update: sold] on my etsy shop, as well as my tattoo pass if you would like to get any of my art tattooed! link is in my bio 〰️


a cosmic bouquet from me to you ✶ (plus a shop sale!) there are over 100,000 of you here now. wow. I am truly amazed and just overflowing with gratitude. it’s hard to actually comprehend how many people that is. whether you’ve been here since the beginning of my page, when it was for my gap year travel photography, or whether you’ve followed along just now, I thank you so deeply for supporting and being with me on this journey. for resonating with my art, my thoughts and this realm in my mind. for contributing to making my dream job a reality... and I just had to show my gratitude with a really big and quick sale on my etsy shop for just 4 days — everything is on sale, including tattoo passes and original artwork, up to 40% off!! go treat yourself, the link is in my bio 🖤 once again - a truly heartfelt thank you. I appreciate every one of you.


loves the sun but lives for the night ✦✶✧


⋒ sacral chakra ⋒ water flow and tides. moon cycle. energy. hope. [chakra series 2/7] —— if you would like to get this artwork or any other artworks of mine tattooed, I have tattoo passes available on my etsy shop (linked in bio) - half the money I receive from tattoo passes also goes to charity 🖤

so excited about my phone case collaboration with @supernova.case ! the cases are made from 100% recycled material + so smooth and nice to hold ✦ they are available for purchase through the link in @supernova.case’s bio — or through the swipe up link in my stories!! which of the three designs is your favourite? 🖤