#canon hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#canon hashtag on Instagram | inst24


📸: @eb.creatives 📍Los Queñes. - Faltaba una cuenta que realmente mostrara las mejores fotos y videos de Chile.


These are moments I dream about. What an incredible experience to photograph at White Pocket. Big shout out to Will and Justin @dreamlandsafari for taking me out there. The roads through the Vermillion Cliffs are nothing but sand and dirt and require a high clearance 4x4 vehicle, along with a an experienced driver to navigate them. I highly recommend not driving them unless you have experience, these roads are no joke and people get stuck all the time. As for the photo, this is NOT a composite. A lot of photographers these days are taking blue hour shots of the foreground and compositing them with a sky that was either taken at a different time or sometimes even a different location all together. This is not the case with any of the Milky Way shots I post. For this shot I woke up at 2am, waited for the Milky Way to align perfectly over the rock formation and made my exposures. Because of the restriction of camera sensors and the fact this was a new moon evening I did have to exposure blend. Here are the settings; @canonusa 5D Mark IV Samyang 14mm f2.8 Sky: ISO 6400 l f2.8 l 15sec x 15 shots stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker Foreground: ISO 1600 l 2.8 and f5.6 l 8min a piece and focus stacked • • • #milkyway #nightsky #nightscaper #roycebair #canon #canon_official #stars #awesomeearth #hubsunited #igdaily #photooftheday #artofvisuals #awesomeearth #natgeo #nature #instagram #apple #earthofficial #longexposure #earthpix


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Possibly one of the cheapest ultra wide angle lenses you can buy that’s sharp! This Samyang 14mm 2.8 is certainly on the list of lenses to get next, be awesome for astro photography. 📸 by @hammer_photography #canon #canon6dmarkii #samyang14mm #bokeh #samyang #samyanglens #samyang14mmf28 #repost #lensporn #photography #photographer #astrophotography