#bangs hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#bangs hashtag on Instagram | inst24


my happy place is 3,600 miles away 💕 (pictured behind me is the tame part of the path i took up a mountain 😂)


Don’t trip over what’s behind you


No big adventures today. We’re hanging around the camper to get some much needed chores done. But hopefully we’ll get to explore some new places during Randy’s long weekend! 💪 Also, anyone else store stuff under their camper? Oh just me? 🤷‍♀️


Cheers! Bon vendredi soir. ♥️✨


I’m not Tauro but I still love it 🖤 GIVENCHY 💛 thank you so much!! @givenchyofficial @clarewaightkeller @thereseakamisst @gildaslaroche @lmthx Photographer @dariocatellani Hair @benedictecazau Makeup @valentine_perrin_morali