#bali hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#bali hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Tranquility ..

family is everything 💛

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Capturing the rays of the morning Sun. | Visual treat from @7vensuns . . Explore Bali with #justwravel . . #wravelerforlife #tripwithjustwravel


Who else is pumped about their travel plans for the year 👏🌴🏔️ What destination is at the top of your list?

Happy birthday to my soulmate @scompa12, and myself 🎈🙈🎈🙉🎈 . Yes, we are born on the same day, of the same month, of the same year - 28th of January 1992. Thankfully he is one hour older, so I still get to be the baby of the family 🙊 And to know we are not twins... 🤪 So beautiful to share everything with the man of my dreams! 🥳 Love you endlessly 💛


“Alam telah hidup sejak jutaan ribu tahun lalu, sehingga ia sudah cukup bijaksana untuk mengajarkan kamu berbagai kehidupan melebihi orang yang kau anggap pintar.”🍃 Source: GOODMINDS.ID,© 2020 • 📸:@christoforusjody#nature #sthalaubudbali #bali #indonesia


ubud, bali // 2016


sunburn aside, bali did my skin some good ✨ ty to my og photographer @castillo_stefano for making me laugh & catching me at my happiest 🥰 _______________ (and omg the bag is thrifted!!! genuine Italian leather for such an affordable price! y a s)