#awakethesoul hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#awakethesoul hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Want to walk through the throat of a volcano? ____________________ @nate_dodge: It's a rain forest. Inside a volcano. With a lake at the very bottom. Wild would be an understatement. ____________________ This is Algar do Carvão, which translates to Cavern of Coal or coal pit. It's an ancient lava tube or volcanic vent on the Azorean island of Terceira in Portugal. It is part of the Guilherme Moniz volcano (one of the large volcanoes on Terceira), but also belongs to the same system as the Pico Alto and Santa Barbara volcanoes. A volcanic eruption occurred roughly 3,200 years ago and created this lava tube which is lined in basalt. A second eruption roughly 2,000 years ago created several magma chambers that are empty today and open for visitors to explore. Visitors travel down the volcanic chimney and a tunnel and staircases to access caves below the surface. Walking paths are lit and regularly maintained. At the bottom lies a crystal-clear lake formed by rainwater. This lake's evaporation and the frequent rainfall sustain the flora and fauna that survive on the walls of Algar do Carvão. The cave also has the greatest concentration of amorphous silicate stalactites and stalagmites in the world. As far as we are aware, this is the only place where people can see both the volcanic chimney and the magma chambers without being boiled alive. Featured | @nate_dodge Location | Algar do Carvão, Terceira Island, Azores Islands, Portugal #WWTTY | Where Will TOTEM Take You? ____________________ #TOTEMMade #AzoresIslands #Portugal


My favourite time of day happens just moments before sunset. The mountains are cast in a beautiful golden glow before blue hour arrives💫


One of my all-time favorite drone shots, though I for sure thought this fella was about to take it out


It’s 7 o’clock on the dot I’m in my pop top cruising the beach... 🎶


at the gondola / #provia100f #fujifilm


Capitol Peak at sunset showing off what Colorful Colorado means. ____________________ @mattpaynephoto: Back in September I experienced one of the more exhilarating moments from my photography adventures to date. My friend and I backpacked to a remote location west of Carbondale, Colorado that he had found on Google Earth. We chose this location for its unique vantage of 14,131 ft. Capitol Peak and hoped there would be a nice pairing of autumn color to go with that view. We spent hours on this remote ridge looking for the absolute best compositions. A storm rolled through the area and we both thought our chances of photographing Capitol Peak at sunset were ruined until at the very last moment of light created by the setting sun, a beam of intense red light cast amazing color across the west and south faces of Capitol Peak. The amount of red in the rock was absolutely intense and fabulous. One of the best moments of the year for me. ____________________ Featured | @mattpaynephoto Location | Capitol Peak, Aspen, Colorado #WWTTY | Where Will TOTEM Take You? ____________________ #TOTEMMade #Aspen #Colorado


Dirty dogs are usually the happiest dogs. And this dog is always dirty... ↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟ @wildwearpets (use code "lifewithcollies") @tagntrail (use code "lifewithcollies") @walkinthebark (use code "lifewithcollies10") @kurgo (use code "lwc4kurgo") ↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟ Camera: Sony A6300 Lens: Sigma Art 35mm Settings: 1/2500, f/1.4, ISO 100 Edited in Adobe Lightroom ↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟ #stayandwander #liveoutdoors #dogsofinstaworld #adventurethatislife #dogsonadventures #exploremore #dogsthathike #hikingwithdogs #tribearchipelago #campingwithdogs #hikingdogsofinsta #optoutside #bestwoof #thestatelyhound #backcountrypaws #weeklyfluff #sonyalpha #lensbible #awakethesoul #welivetoexplore #barked #moodygrams #adventuretime #dogsofinstagram