#autismlife hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#autismlife hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Here’s Jessica’s nursing report for the day. 📝 🏥She had a good day and is happy. 💕


Jess is getting ready for her nursing day and is eating the new frozen dinner she picked out to try - Cheesy Chicken & Rice. #kitchenexperiments #familykitchen #autisticadult #autisticblind #inspiration #autismlife #autismfamily #patience #girlswithautism #Endlesslove❤️ #corticalvisionimpairment #bloggermom #specialneedsfamily


#baddaddy is the best at being devoted to reading the biology books to Jess to help her study for nursing. Jess loves it. 📖 📚


Jess and I went out for an early supper just after 4:00 yesterday. I talked her into going where I wanted to go by telling her they had chocolate cake. Oops 😬It was pie instead, but thankfully, she was accepting of that substitution. Better than that, we got to catch up with friends while we were there.


Bideo of the morning - Good morning #goodonesfam - I hope your day is going as expected. I think Jess must have been up all night. She has been yawning all morning. The loss of Granny is sinking in a little more each day for Jess, leading to bad moods and not sleeping well. She has pulled some skin off of the bottom of her toe this morning, confusing a scar/callus for a cut. She has done this repeatedly on that toe which is why there is a scar there. We’ve both eaten, showered and dressed. She has watched a dog training movie, and is back to flipping cards in her room. We have an errand to run before lunch and her 12:00 call. She started the countdown to her 12:00 call at 7:30 this morning.


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