#addylovers hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#addylovers hashtag on Instagram | inst24

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When there is kabir singh fever still on your mind and it goes wrong🤣 #funnyvideo w/ @mr_sohu #comedy #addylovers #sohusociety #team07

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I know i am from asia’s largest slum area DHARAVI and i am proud of it😃 There are many young talents who are not getting platform what they deserve being apart of @tddp_in which is organised by @myqyuki and @rollingstonein is a very good step. When i started my carrier of digital influencer no one supported, but now there are people coming who appreciate them and support them😇❤️ we all should appreciate and show some love to young talent. If someone is getting happy by appreciation please do appreciate. Share if you agree✋🏻😊 #haqsedharavi #haqsehiphop #addylovers #team07