#workout hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#workout hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Finally arrived in #barcelona 😍🙌🏼. This is one of my favorite city’s in the world! You ever been here? I’m going to tell you about my project really soon! Stay tuned 🙏🏼 . So ich hab mich dann auch mal etwas frisch gemacht und bin ready to go 😄


🎥 Banded Drills 💪🏻 Working on my deceleration, light feet and functional glute activation. Adding the band as an extra little stimulus to help with my dynamic hip and knee placement. Video really helps me see where I’m slacking 😄 If you’ve never done these drills before or struggle with knee and hip tracking either try without band or step it out so it’s less dynamic. Each move in 20 seconds on. 40 seconds rest. 3 rounds. ✖️180 Steps ✖️Icky Shuffle ✖️Skater Catch ✖️Quick Feet ✖️Squat Jack Cross Jack ✖️Bound with High Knees (try this without travelling or band first) ✖️Resisted High Knees If you do choose to you a band... go LIGHT. You want to be in control. Outfit: @adidasau Bands: @sklzaustralia


Es sind nicht die Glücklichen die dankbar sind, sondern die Dankbaren die glücklich sind. .....Es gibt immer, absolut immer einen Grund Dankbar zu sein. Wofür bist du dankbar?? Schreibt es gerne in die Kommentare. Habt ein schönen Pfingstmontag Euer Tobi


Gdy na ziemie przyleciała tajemnicza moc w postaci nowego wydania BeActive dosłownie zwaliła wszystkich z nóg.. ale pozostawiła po sobie: uśmiech, motywacje i ogromne chęci do robienia wielkich rzeczy!😎 @fit.lovers 😍💪🏽❤️

needed to get the two things I hate out of the way... monday and legs

USPESNO smo obavili misiju✌️ 😎 malo smo se prosirili I dodali 50m2 te smo stvorili dosta komotniju i jos prijatniju atmosferu 😇💪 posetite nas u ulici Svetozara Miletica 43 💪😍