#skinny hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#skinny hashtag on Instagram | inst24


I'm really worried, I sprained my ankle over two weeks ago. I kept running for track 2-3 miles a day for a week, which made it worse. And so I've been taking it easy, but it still isn't healing. I just need it to heal so I can run, biking doesn't burn NEARLY enough calories and I have a meet on the 28!!! UgH


Тому, кто плохо себя вел, на Новый год достаюсь Я! __________ #irussiangirl #girl #girlgram #vegan #gracegirl #russiangirlsgram #model #nude #body #skinny #slim #lite #vibe #vibegirl #vibe


RANT: there is always going to be people that are going to hate on you, no matter what you do. just because they’re so obsessed and jealous of your success, they feel the need to hop on an anonymous account and bring negativity into your life, with hopes of bringing your self esteem down to theirs. no matter what, never let these comments get to you. don’t be a push over either. I used to cry whenever I read these comments. When I had 49k followers on insta, I remember a specific situation where someone was hating on me, and I cried. But when I stood up for myself, she told me she’s sorry for what she said and that it was totally based off her own self image. if you’re doing something that makes you happy, and it’s for YOU, do it. You never have to defend yourself to anyone but yourself. I have worked sooo hard these past couple of years on my body, on trying to fulfill my OWN goals for MYSELF. I struggled to make 100 lbs, and when I started working out, I gained 20 lbs give or take. I am happy w my body and myself, and for anyone to try to change that, especially as an anon, is immaturity at its finest. I am and have always been against the term “slut.” It is one of the most disgusting words, in my opinion. A person can live their life however they like. Life is short, so worry about yourself and let ppl live the life they want, doing what they want to do. What a person wears does not define a person as a slut or “thot.” Women should not have to worry about their appearances and how it’s going to affect men. That’s so 1800s. If you’re happy w your body, if you’re happy w your life, then just know, the people that hate on your success aren’t happy with theirs. With that said, SWIPE RIGHT TO SEE HOW SKINNY I WAS BEFORE LIFTING💙

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