#pastamaking hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#pastamaking hashtag on Instagram | inst24


It may look like packet pasta.... when really it’s made by Mamma.


Temporarily back in my old stomping ground for a couple of days , doing the best job in the world: pasta production :) 👩🏻‍🍳 🍝


Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy 🥜 👇 TAG a cook with smooth hands #TheArtOfPlating 🎥 @famiglia_baldassarre


Maccarruni con la ‘Nduja I don’t eat much meat but man, my addiction to ‘Nduja is a serious issue. If you’ve never heard of it, you should. ‘Nduja is a specialty from Calabria, the region at the tip of Italy’s boot, and it’s a spreadable pork salami mixed with Calabria’s claim to fame throughout the rest of the country, fiery chili peppers. What I love the most is that when you keep it at room temperature, the fat contained in it makes it become incredibly creamy and buttery, binding together the cured pork meat and the chilies. It takes its strange name from a corruption of the word Andouille, a French sausage from which ‘Nduja was loosely based on from the 13th century, and it originates from the town of Spilinga in the Vibo Valentia province, where apparently every year they celebrate a town festival solely dedicated to the product ( Sagra della ‘Nduja, must be a dream!) This is not a product I grew up with, as I come from the North-East and there’s too few Calabrians living in my area, but in the last years ‘Nduja has become more and more popular, to the point that I now find it even in Norway (sometimes) . As soon as I tried it some years ago I knew I was HOOKED, and I never lose a chance to restock my ‘Nduja stash when I can. Here I used it as a sauce for my Maccarruni, inspired from what one would easily find in Calabria, where they eat Fileja ( A pasta shape almost identical to Maccarruni) with ‘Nduja as a sauce. I also sprinkled some grated lemon zest on it. Result: DIVINE. And also FIERY HOT ( seems like the chili truly activates once warmed up). The Maccarruni worked wonderfully, soaking up the ‘Nduja and hiding some of it inside the hollow centre, but I tell you, some people would say this dish is definitely not first date material 😁


I wanted an “American” chicken dumpling/ sort of wonton soup for dinner. These are the dumplings for tonight’s soup. Chicken thighs, green onion, black pepper, chicken stock for the filling. A softer silkier dough with “00” and about 50% hydration via eggs made stretchy and supple pillows:) #pastamaking #dumplings

Every holiday break we like to open our doors to middle and high schoolers, who are interested in getting their hands dirty and a professional feel of what it would be like to pursue a career in the food industry💚 #lanas * * * #cafe #catering #goodfood #internship #learn #cooking #pasta #fresh #pastamaking #potatoes #technique #skills #kids #partiperfect #inabudhabi #abudhabi #mydubai #dubai #uae


Making pasta from scratch is the most therapeutical part of the day, specially when you can play around with different flavors and colors. The red pasta I used 2 eggs with 3 egg yolks, turmeric juice, garlic and roasted beets with some salt and olive oil. If you have 00 flour use it otherwise all purpose flour will do fine. The green dough is a mixture of spirulina and garlic. The orange dough is a combination of different roast peppers and garlic! After you make the dough wrap it up and rest it in the fridge for an hour or so. Super fun project to do with the kids! I’ll show you how to shape it in my next post! #buzzfeast #superfoods #foodvideo #hereismyfood #eeeeeats #foodfluffer #beautifulcuisines #instafood #foodandwine #fooditaly #beautifulfood #f52grams #foodart #igersitalia #tortellini #huffposttaste #onthetable #pasta #foodismedicine #foodlover #eatmoremagic #foodinspiration #healthymeals #pastamaking #foodie #italianfood #spinach #creativefood #homemadepasta #pastalover


Pappardelle for @fablekitchen

Corzetti from... Uzbekistan? // Playing around with a spelt&chestnut dough and trying to develop an idea I got from @baltimorehomecook... This gorgeous tool you see on the left is a bread stamp used in Uzbekistan to decorate flatbread. It is a handmade toll which comes directly from Tashkent through @breadstamp and I’ve been eager to use it more often. Maybe “ Uzbek Corzetti” could be a thing!