#nycmodel hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#nycmodel hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Forget this Chicago weather 👋🏻I’m ready for Hawaii.


”Work all winter, shine all summer” kinda mood ✌🏼


Snow days ✖️ @khrysgianapineda


Street style shoot with Sasha🖤


The colors just bounce.


Cheers to protecting our youth with ferocity ____________________ Taken with Sony a7II + 85mm 1.8 ____________________ Image 1 of 3


An oldie but a goodie with @lexznai from years ago now. Makeup by @thelookbyjulie. I had one follower message me that he didn’t like seeing women in less clothing on my page, and that he was going to block me because of that. I messaged him back saying that I respect his opinion and he’s free to block me if that’s how he feels, but I believe in my and my model’s free expressions and will not bow to anyone’s demands. I believe that women can wear as much or as little as they want, and no one should be judging them or changing them. I believe that our bodies belong to us and we should be free to show or not show as much as we like. I know I’m being idealistic and it’s a social pipe dream that everyone would accept this, but can’t a girl dream? This was the reason my parents immigrated to America, to chase freedom of speech and expression. What do you think? Do you have an opinion on this matter?