#model hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#model hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Hi 💗it’s hump day🍑 so here I am with my contribution, also i miss my non-fake tan. Also, I learned a lot about posture over the last few months and how I fixed mine because the way I standing in this picture is what made my back all fuked up!:) I’ll talk about it soon 😉 (and yes. I’m very aware my tag is out)


Gaining weight is pretty freaking cool guys.😳 - Been feeling extremely down on myself lately and my body image definitely hasn’t been the best... Today I caught myself hating on my body and not being happy with how it looked. Decided to give myself a little wake up call and reminder of just how far I’ve come over the years by comparing some old photos to how I look now... All I can say is damn I’m happy I developed a better relationship with food and decided to step in the gym six years ago🙃😅 - Please please please don’t discredit all the hard work you’ve put in. I know it can be easy to do when you aren’t seeing crazy progress consistently all the time... But just try to be proud of where you are now and give yourself a little reminder every now and again of how hard you’ve worked and far you’ve come... These little reminders will make you feel so much better I promise 😍 I know I sure as hell needed the reminder today. I seriously love all you beautiful hoomans♥️ Keep on crushing it and working hard... be patient and remember to cheer yourself on the whole freaking way 🤩🤙🏼 - #alphalete #ghostlifestyle #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #fitspo #health #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #model #fitnessmodel #inspo #blogger #fashion #transformation #bodytransformation #weightgain #gainingweight #ibs #anorexia #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder

Soy muy fanática del té verde 🍵 buenas noches, mucho amor para todos/as❣️#soytalentspy #luanacareaga #model #sexy #goodnight #love #kiss


when your crush walks by and you try to act “natural”


Just me and the box. And hoping I don’t eat 💩


🎵 Baby, as soon as you meet me you'll wish that you never did. 🎵📷 @andreakellaway