#instafood hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#instafood hashtag on Instagram | inst24

WHICH SLICE WOULD YOU PICK? 😍😍😍😍😍😍 - werbung . Taken by @bos.kitchen . Welches Stück würdet ihr essen? 😎🤟🏽


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these hot chocolate overnight oats were so popular on here so I've written a quick easy-to-access recipe up on the blog! 🍫 the thickest, creamiest + quickest breakfast 👅👏🏻 link in bio! ✨


Happy National Junk Food Day from all of my junk food in my snack (formerly coat) closet! #nationaljunkfoodday


PIZZA POTPIES!! 😍😍🧀🍕 🎥 by @thisisinsiderfood!


after seeing @taylorswift last night, i thought i was going to need to sleep for a few years because the show was insane and so much fun 🐍💃🏻✨ i may or may not have cried a few times - who knows! but i surprised myself and managed to wake up, go to a work out and even grab breakfast at my fave place 🤗 clapping myself on the back for that one - though a nap is most definitely in my future 😴. . we’ve got several days of rain coming up this week in jersey and i’m looking forward to it 🙋🏻‍♀️🌧 i’m much more productive when it’s raining out since i’m not tempted by the sunshine and warm weather every two seconds as a distraction 🙈 there are a few things i seriously need to jumpstart and finish up so as much as i love the sun, i desperately need this break ☀️ though maybe one last walk around the lake for good measure before the clouds roll in! happy weekend everyone ☺️. • • chocolate shredded carrot oats (made with @ancientnutrition keto chocolate protein) 🥕 topped with 🍌, @whirlybirdgranola chocolate granola, @squareorganics chocolate cookie dough square chunks (use fitstrongshann for a discount!!!) 🍫 and @wild_friends chocolate coconut pb (use SHANNON20 for 20% OFF your order on wildfriendsfoods.com) 🥜