#girlsgeneration hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#girlsgeneration hashtag on Instagram | inst24


I'm still mad they didnt't promote lil touch in music shows


[2013-01-15] SNSD - Genie on KBS YHY Sketchbook📝🎶 - ⏳Today.. 6 years ago... #SNSDOnThisDay #SNSDOTD in 2013. - In 2013, on this day, SNSD pre-recorded performances for KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. They performed “I GOT A BOY”, “Dancing Queen”, Lost in Love (Taeyeon & Tiffany)” and the medley of their hit tracks “Gee”, “Genie” and “Hoot” there. The episode with SNSD was aired on 18th January of ‘13. - Beside performing on YHY’s Sketchbook, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung & Yoona also guested MBC FM Younha's Starry Night and Taeyeon, Tiffany were the DJ for ShimShimTapa Radio. Here are some of snippet of what they were talking about there👇🏼 **ps: trans by ch0sshi-nim, & Younha was the radio DJ’s name. 📍asked how it feels being one of the older singers now... they said when they were rookies, they would be some of the youngest ones, so they were always taken care of. but now their only seniors consist of baek jiyoung and jea (for this promo cycle). sooyoung said she remembers going to other people's rooms, giving them their autographed albums...but that the same thing hasn't been happening with them and their juniors. 📍Sooyoung said that she felt lonely when they all did individual activities, so it's nice doing group activities again 📍fan asked if there's anything the girls can't do since they're good at singing/dancing.. Sooyoung: we're bad at getting up early younha: i think you guys would be good at cooking, too Hyoyeon: not everyone is... if you nitpick, there are things members can't do Sooyoung: what can't you do hyoyeon? Hyoyeon: i can't speak korean 📍YoonA said she really likes ballads, such as music from urban zakapa. and she said she likes music of genres that are different from what she used to listen to, such as primary 📍They said when they throw their hats, they just pick them up again. but hyoyeon said that some of them throw them really hard, so staff and fans throw them back sometimes. jessica said she always hits the cameramen and staff //fan that got hit messaged that she hit a fan/jessica: i said, "are you okay?" to my hat that time (more👇🏼)


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these 2 snapped 😳