#fashionbloggers hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#fashionbloggers hashtag on Instagram | inst24


I’ve actually never taken a ride on the famous Cable Cars in SF.. This picture is entirely for “the gram”. This picture was taken on Powell and Market Street. Just a little little tip if you want to get a picture on the cable cars without all the people wait until there’s 2-3 cable cars parked/waiting until they get to the front of the line for people to board. Then hop right on to the last cable car strike a pose and quickly get your photo! 🌟


The face you make when Bae asks what you want for dinner... 🤔💭🤷🏼‍♀️. ::: Ladies, if you haven’t seen my Story today, check it out!💃🏼 I currently have a little Shoutout "Giveaway" running right now. That's the least I can do for you, for all the support you give me!💗 You can read more about it in stories. I wish you all a wonderful day!☀️❄️


getting into christmas mood✨🎇


Street style 👍