#confidence hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#confidence hashtag on Instagram | inst24


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Do you choose ‘comfortable safety’ over ‘risky success and happiness’? - Answer honestly as this is only for your own benefit. - The honest answer for 99% is that they choose ‘safety and comfort’ every time. - They watch TV instead of working on themselves. They put off until tomorrow the things they know would help them today. They stay stuck in the comfortable job, rather than working on their own business in their spare time.And a thousand other choice just like it. - And it is in that choice that their failure to become who they want to be and live the life they want to life is determined. - Their failure is not because they can’t, not because the opportunities don’t exist, not because they are too busy. - It is simply that they make a choice, consciously or unconsciously, to do what is comfortable and easy rather than take what only appears to be the ‘risky’ choice to create their dream life. - As my friend and mentor Andy Shaw says, no thought stands still. Every thought, every action takes you towards your dreams and desires or away from them. Nothing in neutral. - Each time you take the courageous choice, the bold choice you move forwards to becoming the best you and living the life that you daydream about. - Each time you play it safe what’s really happening is that your giving away another day, when you could be living your dream life, when you could be creating, growing - When you could be living a life that’s fabulous instead of ‘comfortable’. - The problem is that most people only ever look at one side of the risk. They only look at the risks of taking the bold choice and ignore, without thought, the risks that come from standing still. - And so based on a lie, based on faulty data they stay still. Which really means going backwards, because no thought or action stands still….. - Your life is incredibly precious. Your talents are wondrous and unique. Your potential is beyond anything you currently understand. - Your choice today is to walk towards unleashing that incredible potential (which will create an incredible life for you). Or to sit on the sofa and watch TV. - What will you choose for your precious life today? - 📷 @eberhardbecker


Are you a sucker for saying ‘Yes’? - Do you say ‘Yes’ to things you don’t like, you don’t want and don’t agree with because you’re worried what will happen if you say ‘No’? - If you do, then take a little bit of time to consider why you do this. - Why do find it difficult to simply say ‘No’ when that is EXACTLY what you want to say? Do you realise that you are being dishonest when you do? - When you say ‘Yes’ to things you don’t want or don’t agree with, what you’re telling yourself and others is that you don’t value yourself. - That what you want or think is somehow in same way less important or less valid that what others want. The problem is that most people were taught that simply saying ‘No’, simply expressing what you REALLY thought and felt meant you were being rude, disrespectful or selfish. - As you grew up you got programmed with the insane idea that saying ‘No’ to things that didn’t serve you or weren’t right was wrong, bad manners and inappropriate. - You were only a ‘good’ boy or girl when you said yes and gave up on what you wanted. - You were rewarded and praised for ignoring your own desires, values and thoughts. - This is wicked, awful, completely misguided teaching. More harm has been done through this teaching of blind obedience than probably any other. - As with so much toxic social conditioning, it ignores the crucial truth that it is just as (and in fact much more) important to START with being kind, decent and agreeable with yourself as it is with others. - To live in alignment with your values in spite of what others may say. To hold true to your own sense of right and wrong. - That is after all the definition of integrity. - If you treat others well and honour their values but treat yourself badly and dishonour your values, you’re still treating someone like shit. That someone just happens to be you. - The challenge is that most people don’t know what they DO want, what their values are, what matters to them so they don’t understand the costs of saying yes to something that they DON’T want. - Saying No, calmly, respectfully but firmly then becomes easy. - And you show yourself and others that your time, values and desires matter.


What you do on your darkest days defines how you believe you should be treated. Some days, self love is easier said than done. And it's okay to have days with lower self esteem. But these are the days when the way you treat yourself matters the most. Turning to self destructive habits for relief or distraction only reinforces that voice that tells you that this is how you deserve to be treated. That you're not good enough and don't deserve to be happy. But consistently practicing patience, acceptance and care for yourself, especially on the darkest day, will feed the belief that you are deserving of respect and love. It's not easy everyday and it will feel fake and forced sometimes, but give it time and youll establish new thought processes and beliefs. You can self condition yourself in to a default positive mindset, you just have to fake it til you make it some days. You can't rely on feeling good enough about yourself every day to make kind choices for your mind and body. You have to promise yourself you'll act as though you love yourself, even on the days you don't. Starve the negative voices in your head, and one day soon you won't have to battle to ignore them. ❤️


Take me as I am or watch me as I leave 🖤


There is so much excitement when you finally decide to chase the dream that matters to you. You will feel liberated and motivated like never before. But then when you’re a little way down the track, the challenges come quicker and the tests get harder. That’s when you will need to dig deep to find the courage, belief, perseverance, patience, resilience and the host of other qualities that are needed to keep you moving towards your goal. . . That’s why it’s so important to start building the strength you need NOW. Take every opportunity life presents you to galvanise your character. Every day do something that really challenges and tests you and day by day you will build the strength you need to chase down that dream you desire! 🙏💪