#confidence hashtag on Instagram | inst24

#confidence hashtag on Instagram | inst24


Dear all the bad as mamas following me, Stop hating yourself for thinking you have an ugly stomach and start loving you for how absolutely stunning and beautiful you were and still are for carrying and caring your gorgeous little humans. Stop thinking about how hard you need to work at bouncing back after baby even if at 1 year postpartum you still look pregnant and focus on your objectives at staying healthy, happy and active. Stop worrying about what others will think if they see your wrinkled stomach and start thinking about how absolutely blessed you are for what you've created. Be you! Be the best you. Give yourself some grace (a lot) and time (a whole lot) to heal emotionally, mentally and physically. You're one tough mama and you've got this. Loving yourself will always take time. There’s no rush! This is your journey. Embrace you today and remember that your kids adore you, in the world of so much hate let their love nurture you back to loving you! - #selflove #radicalselflove #letter #postpartumbody #prebabybody #beautiful #snapback #weightloss #language #powerful #happy #healthy #stomach #explore #explorepage #bellyembrace #bodymindsoul #nurture #nourish #heal #birthday #selfesteem #confidence #bodypositive #acceptance #peace


I used to think that I had to be lean in order to succeed in my job. As an online personal trainer, I used to believe that people would only want to work with me because of what I looked like. After I accepted that I was not only healthier with a body that I could maintain, I realised that more women wanted to work with me because I understood the pressures of society, I understood what balance really is and I understood how to achieve a maintainable healthy body that isn’t unhealthy to sustain and that isn’t impossible to achieve. . . I now work with more women that ever, getting them to the places they never thought they could reach and not only achieving these targets but also maintaining them and not reverting back to their old lifestyles that they hated. . . I love empowering others, it makes my heart so full and I couldn’t imagine doing anything different. I love showing women how they can achieve anything they set out to and that self believe is the first step to changing their whole life and gaining a whole new one 😊 . . Being an online coach is more than just writing out plans and creating recipes, it’s supporting your clients every step of the way, helping them achieve goals they couldn’t do without you and watching them grow into amazing, strong and fearless women 😊 . . Online Coaching - DM or Email for further info ❤️ #lovewhatyoudo #onlinecoach #onlinepersonaltrainer #selfconfidence #bodyconfidence #motivation #beyou #fitfam #legday #legworkout #fitness #trainhard #confidence


What do you think when you see a woman posting a picture all dressed up ? « She is seeking attention » ? « She is hungry » ? « She wants to seduce (...) » ? Chatting with a friend today, I realized it was a reflex still very present in our societies. The assumption is that when a woman is pampering herself, it has to be for someone else. Not that she can do it for herself. Not that she wants to do it for herself. So I am here to tell you : you can. You do not need anyone’s approval to feel good. You can get ready, dress, put on make-up, at it pleases you, as long as it makes you feel good 🙏🏼💫 ____________________________________________ Qu’est-ce que vous pensez quand vous voyez une femme poster une photo d’elle où elle est à son avantage ? « Elle cherche l’attention » ? « Elle a faim » ? « Elle veut plaire à (...) » ? En discutant avec une amie aujourd’hui, je me suis rendue compte que c’était un réflexe encore très présent dans nos sociétés. On part du principe qu’une femme va vouloir s’apprêter, se faire belle pour quelqu’un d’autre. Pas qu’elle peut le faire pour elle-même. Pas qu’elle a envie de le faire pour elle-même. Alors je vous le dis : vous pouvez. Vous n’avez besoin de la validation de personne pour vous sentir bien. Vous pouvez vous habiller, vous maquiller, vous préparer comme vous le souhaitez, si ça vous aide à vous sentir bien 🙏🏼💫 (PS : Un Get Ready With Me vient juste d’être uploadé sur ma chaîne, lien dans ma bio !) . . . #selflove #confidence #youareenough #edrecovery #gainingweightiscool #ootd #reequilibragealimentaire


I pray that you have an AMAZING week!!! Tag someone who you want to see meet ALL of their goals before the end of this year!